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Our main goal is to redefine our space within the real estate space. We seek to deliver the highest quality buildings, made to international standard. The Emorzip Factory embodies this as the best blocks, slabs and interlocking stones are made there for our projects.

Some of the services we offer includes (but not limited to);

1. Bridging The Gap: Emorzip Nigeria Limited helps bridge the gap between buyers, sellers and owners looking to lease their properties. Properties listed are vetted to ensure they are free from fraud and court cases.

2. Property Agency and Management: Following legal advice from our lawyers and after due diligent checks, we can act as your managers/agent in selling, buying or leasing your properties out.  Contact us to get more information on how this works.

3. Consultancy: We aren’t just into buying and selling! Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, advanced analytics, acquisitions sustainability across all industries and geographies. We offer estate consultancy services to clients who would like to seek professional advice regarding investment in properties.

4. Property Development and Supervision: Our experience in the field has earned us relationship with some of the best engineers out there. We can tap into this relationship on your behalf to ensure your property is developed and delivered in line with international and local best up  to date practice.

5. Managed Real Estate Investment: You want to invest in Real Estate then invest with Emorzip Nigeria Limited. The Real Estate Industry is one that you can never lose your capital, and investing with us will certainly make you a good investor. Emorzip is poised to take the Real Estate Industry to another level by constructing and building modern tech structures that will still be an updated structure in the next 30 years. Book an appointment with us for more information

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